English digital workshop: Make the best CV and coverletter

Sted: Digital

This workshop is for you, who want to be inspired and have input for the best content in your CV and coverletter. You will be presented with the different types of CV´s and get a good insight into the content and structure of both the CV and coverletter. You will get concrete solutions and suggestions for text, content, and setup that works and targets what the employer is looking for in your application material. You will get inspiration to your jobsearch and be presented with different strategies on how to approach the jobmarket. 

You participate in this workshop via the Teams platform and will be sent an invitation in your a-kasse self-service  with a link to the Team meeting 1 day prior to the workshop. Make sure to download Teams to your computer or the Teams app to tablet or telephone. It is important that you make sure to test your technique, that your camera and speaker work, prior to the workshop. It is also important that you log into Teams 10 min. before the meeting time, so that we can adjust your technique if necessary.

How to sign up

Click the “Sign up here” button below. You will now log on to self-service “Selvbetjeningen”
The tap ”Job og Møder” 
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You will then receive a booking confirmation.

There will be a maximum of 10 participants – first come, first served.


Tirsdag d. 8. november. fra kl. 09:30 til kl. 12:00


Rikke Deepthi

Job- og karriererådgiver